Working of Print-Cut Device

Print-Cut Device

Print-Cut Device

Print-Cut Devices are the ultimate time and effort-saving machines, giving users the ability to print and cut in one step with one device.The Print-Cut-device is probably one of the most powerful devices. We can make boxes, labels, scrap booking elements, and vinyl and fabric cutouts, iron-on printable. The possibilities are literally endless.  

The print-cut-device work mainly in two steps:

  • Setting up design and adding registration marks
  • Printing and cutting the file


Whatever paper type you are using, you must always ensure that the actual paper size you will be using matches the page size on screen so your cut lines will line up perfectly with the printed portion of your Print and Cut Device. Don’t forget to check “Show Print Border” so you can see where your printer will actually print and printers cannot print past this print border.

To have all your registration marks printed, be mindful of where they are when setting them up. You want them contained in the print border for them to all be printed! Partial or incomplete registration marks will not be detected.  Again, if they are outside the print border, you may adjust them by increasing or decreasing the position of the insets on the Position option on the Registration Marks panel.


Make sure all your registration marks have been fully printed and your paper lines up with the marks. Line up the printed media on the printer to read the crop marks. Now, the printer will start cutting/plotting the media.

If your registration marks aren’t being detected, you can easily fix that by manually adjusting your carrier to read the marks.

Integrated machine where the printing & cutting function is in one device; The unit is configured with Flexisign PRO RIP which is powerful and easy to use.