F7printers: As we have sold many eco solvent printers in UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Nigeria ……Middle East and Africa countries.  To make your eco solvent printers to use more efficiently, pay attention to the daily maintenance. Eco Solvent printer use eco solvent ink, the print out is waterproof, anti-UV for outdoor use , this is the characteristic of Eco Solvent Ink. However, due to these good characteristics, greater attention is needed for the maintenance of Eco Solvent Printer.
Eco solvent ink is easy to dry itself, the printer for a long time without running will be easy clogging the print head, please pay attention to the maintenance the spare parts of the print head, capping, ink damper and ink tube etc.

Eco Solvent Printer , Eco Solvent Ink

Eco Solvent Printer

Routine Maintenance

  1. It is recommended to check the nozzle status of the printhead before starting the routine printing job.
  2. Clean the wiper foam daily.
  3. Clean the dust from capping station daily.
  4. Check the damper for air leak, call our service technician for further advice if needed.
  5. Close the waste ink valve after routine work in case of ink leak.
  6. Keep the linear encoder in the correct position, and clean the dust with lint-free cloth.
  7. Keep the guide rail with enough oil on the surface to ensure proper carriage movement.
  8. If the eco solvent printer is unused for more than 3 days or more, please switch off the printer firstly, drop cleaning solution into the capping.Then move the carriage back to its capping station to close the printhead. Cover the machine to prevent dust and  put the machine in a safe position to avoid the rat, pests and other abnormal wear and tear caused machine damage.

For further maintenance advice, please free to call us any time !

F7printers service team