Eco Solvent Ink is environmentally safe as the name suggests. It doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like cyclohexanone. This means that eco solvent ink is biodegradable and can easily be broken down in the human body without any harm. This by contrast have a relatively low VOC (volatile organic compounds) content.It can be used in studio and office environments as long as there is adequate ventilation as it has little odour.Hence,can be used with indoor graphics and signage.

Eco Solvent Ink doesn’t damage the inkjet nozzles and components as aggressively as strong solvents, so they don’t need such constant cleaning . It is advised to clean one or two times leaning  per week . It dries faster and offers a range of colours. Plastic media gets softens and gets bound to it, though somewhat less than strong solvents. Capable of adhering to covered or uncoated surfaces it is widely used for indoor/outdoor work .Ideal for billboards/other forms of signage.


Usage of Eco Solvent Ink

Eco solvent inks are widely used in entry level through to mid-priced wide format inkjets.Though the upper, “industrial” end of the market still has a tendency to use strong solvents for the same sort of applications. It is more expensive than strong solvents, which is especially important for high volume users. Strong solvents have a high content of VOCs which often require forced ventilation and extraction to protect the printer operators.They also retain a distinctive lingering smell which makes them unsuited to indoor use where it’s noticeable.

Today, eco solvents are just one of an increasing ink “solutions” (in both senses of the word) available to large format printers. While they have by no means replaced strong solvents, their user friendliness and  versatility make them the ideal beginner’s choice. Indeed, for many large format printers eco solvent may the only system they’ll ever need.